Following our White Paper event in November, Exploring Independence after the White Paper (#ifyes)  The Future of the UK and Scotland are pleased to announce the date and venue of the follow up #ifno event. When: 26th April 2014, 10:00-15:30 Where: Trades hall of Glasgow, Merchant City […]

Event: What happens if Scotland votes No?

Today we provide another snapshot of one week’s coverage (20-26th January 2014 – c.27,000 connections[1]) of the debate about the Scottish Independence Referendum on the social media platform, Twitter. The patterns are broadly similar to those we reported in January (based on one week’s traffic in December 2013). Typically those […]

IndyRef Twitter Analysis: New & traditional media

By Prof. Phillip Schlesinger, Professor of Cultural Policy, The University of Glasgow. This post originally appeared on the LSE Media Policy Project blog. Re-posted with permission.    Last November, the Scottish Government published Scotland’s Future – its White Paper on independence. Although considerable attention has been devoted to broadcasting, very little indeed has been […]

The film industry and Scottish independence

Ronald MacDonald Adam Smith Professor of Political Economy, University of Glasgow As the currency debate relating to a potentially independent Scotland rumbles on, it is perhaps a good time to take stock of some of the salient issues in this debate. The first, and perhaps most important, is the issue […]

Further thoughts on the recent currency debate

By Ronald MacDonald Adam Smith Professor of Political Economy The long awaited White Paper setting out the SNP’s stall for an independent Scotland revealed key inadequacies in its thinking on a range of economic issues, from the currency to fiscal policy. The issue of the currency especially seems to have […]

A Viable Plan B?

In the first of a series of visualisation snapshots, using data from twitter, we constructed a network graph showing the connections between users and hashtags for tweets about the independence referendum. This snapshot covers one week (13th-19th December) including c.13,000 connections[1]. One observation based on the data is that the […]

Twitter and the independence referendum

Scotland’s economy will benefit from independence over the uncertainty that would face the country within the UK, Finance Secretary John Swinney told a large audience at the inaugural annual Policy Scotland lecture on 10th December 2013. Speaking at Glasgow University Mr Swinney said that Scotland’s economic performance has improved significantly since […]

John Swinney – Independence can meet economic challenges

Dr Thomas Lundberg, Lecturer (Politics), The University of Glasgow The Scottish Government has published its long-awaited White Paper, Scotland’s Future: Your Guide to an Independent Scotland. The paper sets out the Scottish National Party’s aspirations for an independent Scotland by enhancing democracy, prosperity and fairness, though critics have already claimed […]

The Scottish Government’s White Paper on independence: Appeal for a ...

In a wide-ranging paper by the Centre for Public Policy for Regions (CPPR) based on  the he latest available North Sea data (actuals and forecast), Professors John McLaren, Jo Armstrong and Ken Gibb(ed.) show that oil related tax revenues would fail to fill the gap left from the loss of Barnett […]

What potential is there for the development of a Savings ...

Reflections on the latest Oil and Gas related analysis by the Scottish Government and the Office for Budget Responsibility by John McLaren, Jo Armstrong and Ken Gibb.  

Latest Oil and Gas Analysis

In this paper, Professor Ronald MacDonald takes on the role of a ‘virtual consultant’ to a potentially independent Scotland. What should the exchange rate regime of an independent Scotland look like? MacDonald argues that the current proposal of the Scottish government to remain part of the sterling zone is doomed […]

Currency Issues and Options for an Independent Scotland

By Phillips O’Brien.  DEFENCE is one of the most contentious issues in the independence debate, with the fate of the naval bases at Faslane and Coulport – and the future of the British nuclear weapons sited there – dominating discussion so far. With around 6500 associated jobs in an area with […]

Defence of the new realm