Text of a lecture given by Josef Konvitz at University of Glasgow as part of the Policy Scotland Lecture Series 2016-17 on November 7th 2016. There are many paradoxes about BREXIT. The advocates of BREXIT attacked the EU and especially the Eurozone for failure to remedy the causes of […]

After the Event: Josef Konvitz – Brexit and Freedom of ...

Brexit and Freedom of Movement: A Continental Perspective on the Post-Industrial Society Professor Josef Konvitz Date: 7 November 2016 Time: 13:00-14:00 Location: Yudowitz Room, Wolfson Medical School Building, University of Glasgow In the second in the Brexit lecture series from Policy Scotland Josef Konvitz address freedom of movement and asks […]

Event 7 November – Policy Scotland Lecture Series

Kicking off a series of events on Brexit hosted by Policy Scotland, Professor Jim Gallagher today gave a lecture at the University of Glasgow on “The Brexit Paradox: How the wrong choice for Britain offers the right opportunity for Scotland”. Addressing an audience of prominent academics, journalists and experts from […]

Professor Jim Gallagher – The Brexit Paradox: How the wrong ...

Originally posted on Ken Gibb’s personal blog on July 26 2016. Yesterday morning I went along to the IPPR-hosted Brexit event featuring a keynote speech from the First Minister. More on that later. First, and to set the scene, it is worth thinking a bit about the options to be […]

Brexit: Balancing Scotland, the UK and the EU

The Leave campaign’s arguments about trade are based on out-dated, irrelevant assumptions and models – following them would be catastrophic for the UK economy, writes Professor Ronald MacDonald of the University of Glasgow. Trade and the EU Referendum Trade is at the core of the economic debate on the EU […]

Trade and the EU Referendum: Why the Leave campaign has ...

Anton Muscatelli Economist Professor Anton Muscatelli, Principal of the University of Glasgow, writing in a personal capacity and the views expressed do not reflect those of Policy Scotland or the University of Glasgow.     The mixture of fantasy and reality on which the Leave campaign is basing its arguments might […]

Brexit: A midsummer’s night’s ‘mare