EU Referendum

Professor Anton Muscatelli is Principal of the University of Glasgow and chair of the Scottish Government Standing Council on the EU. He is writing in a personal capacity  However, we know that institutions also matter crucially in determining the path of the economy. Government decisions can also lead to significant […]

EU Membership and Scotland’s Long Term Growth

Ken Gibb, Director of Policy Scotland and Des McNulty, Deputy Director of Policy Scotland In the shock and uncertainty following Thursday’s vote, the focus has primarily been on the constitutional, social and economic questions that flow from disengaging with the EU and on the political fallout. Important as these questions […]

Brexit and Public Policy Capacity

Professor Michael Russell MSP gives his first reaction to the outcome of the European Referendum, and its implications for Scotland. Political anoraks like myself like to speculate before elections about possible outcomes and there has been much such speculation in recent weeks. Accordingly the outcome of the European Referendum was, […]

The Choice Between Two Unions

The Leave campaign’s arguments about trade are based on out-dated, irrelevant assumptions and models – following them would be catastrophic for the UK economy, writes Professor Ronald MacDonald of the University of Glasgow. Trade and the EU Referendum Trade is at the core of the economic debate on the EU […]

Trade and the EU Referendum: Why the Leave campaign has ...

Anton Muscatelli Economist Professor Anton Muscatelli, Principal of the University of Glasgow, writing in a personal capacity and the views expressed do not reflect those of Policy Scotland or the University of Glasgow.     The mixture of fantasy and reality on which the Leave campaign is basing its arguments might […]

Brexit: A midsummer’s night’s ‘mare