Recruitment crisis at the NHS frontline? Why we should be concerned for deprived areas. by Breannon Babbel Findings from a recent British Medical Association (BMA) poll[1] have alarm bells ringing for general practice as a whole in the UK, and particularly for general practice in deprived areas. While the poll […]

Recruitment crisis at the NHS frontline?

This week’s Policy Scotland Friday Video features Breannon Babbel, Urban Studies researcher at the University of Glasgow. Breannon talks to us about her research and fieldwork with General Practitioners in deprived areas of Glasgow, and how their experiences can help shape policies that address health inequality across Scotland and the […]

Thursday Video: Breannon Babbel – The role of GPs in ...

Public health – Using synthetic control methods to evaluate the impact of public service improvements The shift towards evidence-informed policy-making, exemplified by initiatives such as What Works Scotland, requires policy-makers to demonstrate the effectiveness of interventions. Given the practical, political or ethical difficulties of applying experimental approaches to many policy […]

Kelvin Smith PhD Project Opportunity – 2015/16

The EuroFIT project started on 1 November with the launch of its website and a good kickoff meeting in Glasgow. The goal of EuroFIT is to harness the ‘love of the game’ to engage football fans in health-promoting lifestyle changes through their loyalty and attachment to their clubs. EuroFIT will […]

EuroFIT launched

Enabling Health and Wellbeing in Later Life – new report from IHW on a system that links older people to local community resources through their general practices The Enabling Health and Wellbeing in Later Life Project aimed to develop a system (BRIDGE – Building Relationships In Deprived General practice Environments) […]

Enabling Health and Wellbeing in Later Life

Unwell, on a tight budget, and far from a medical practitioner you know. What would you do? For the first time, a research study based outside of China is exploring Chinese people’s attitudes towards their healthcare system. When diagnosed with an illness, our thoughts tend to leap to the practicalities […]

Healthcare in China: getting better?