These projects were supported by Policy Scotland. These specific projects or collaborations have now concluded but Policy Scotland continues to work on other projects related to these themes.

Regional Inclusive Growth Research Network (2019)

Graphic with the name Regional Inclusive Groweth resreach Netwiork with two logos: oenf roer POPlicty Scotland one for SCRIG, the Scotland's Centre for Regional Inclusive Growth

The Regional Inclusive Growth Research Network (RIGRN) brought together researchers to help progress, shape and address an inclusive growth research agenda in Scotland. It was set up by Policy Scotland in collaboration with the Scottish Centre for Regional Inclusive Growth.

The Regional Inclusive Growth Research Network organised three Network meetings during 2019, each focusing discussion around one distinct inclusive growth policy-related research theme.

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Glasgow Human Rights Network (2015-2019)

image of arms stretched out with text saying 'All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.' And 'They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.'

Policy Scotland worked alongside the Glasgow Human Rights Network to disseminate research and facilitate discussions.

The Glasgow Human Rights Network (GHRN) is a network of scholars and practitioners throughout Scotland who study and work to protect human rights in Scotland and beyond. The network facilitates research, teaching and knowledge exchange on human rights.

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Moral Victories Project (2015-2018)

This project brought together scholars and military professionals to consider the ethical issues that arise in relation to how violent armed conflicts are concluded.

It was led by an inter-disciplinary team of researchers headquartered at the University of Glasgow, and based across the US Naval War College, and the UK Joint Services Command and Staffing College. The project was affiliated to the School for Social and Political Sciences and the School of Humanities, and drew upon the support and expertise of the Glasgow Global Security Network, the Glasgow Human Rights Network, the Scottish Centre for War Studies, and Policy Scotland.

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Welfare Reform Network (2015/2016)

The Policy Scotland Welfare Reform Network was designed to bring together people interested in welfare reform in Scotland, including people with lived experience.

The Network was based at the University of Glasgow and aimed to share and develop ideas and evidence that impacted on decision-making and policy outcomes relating to welfare reform.

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Legacy Research Network (2014/2015)

In 2014 Glasgow hosted the Commonwealth Games. Competitive bids for mega events such as this highlight wide-ranging legacy benefits related to longer term urban regeneration and city development, and make a case to local and national populations of legacy returns on public investment.

The Legacy Research Network aimed the scrutinise how strong and plausible these claims are, and which areas are more likely to be successful (e.g. contrasting infrastructure investment, local facilities versus say lasting health benefits from increased physical activity). It asked, how do these event-related legacies play into longer term people and place strategies to regenerate cities and communities?

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