Adam Smith Research Foundation Visiting Senior Research Fellow Scheme

Call for applications for 2014/15

The Adam Smith Research Foundation is making a new call for applications for Visiting Senior Research Fellows. Visiting Fellows are expected to conduct a discrete research project during their appointment, and candidates must demonstrate how their research will fit with at least two of the ASRF’s research themes and/or other existing or emergent interdisciplinary College themes.

The position of ASRF Visiting Senior Research Fellow is intended for academics of some seniority in their home institution: research leaders with a minimum of 8-10 years of post-doctoral experience.

Fellows will be entitled to claim expenses as follows: a maximum of £1,500 towards accommodation costs plus a maximum of £5,500 towards travel and research costs. In addition, office accommodation, IT and Library access will be provided. Fellows will be expected to be resident at the University for a minimum of 3 months (normally on sabbatical or study leave from their home institution).
Fellow Scheme dates:
• 2013/14 Semester 2 (from January 2014)
• 2014/15 Semester 1 (from October 2014)
• 2014/15 Semester 2 (from January 2015)
Deadline for Applications for all three appointments above: Tuesday 01 October 2013.
Full details of the Scheme can be found on the ASRF website

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