Brexit perspectives: Policy Scotland lectures

As the latest Brexit debate continues at Westminster Policy Scotland offers a series of long-form reflections that provide deeper perspectives on the process of the UK leaving the European Union.

Sir Ivan Rogers’ lectures

Policy Scotland was pleased to host two lectures by Sir Ivan Rogers, the Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the European Union from 2013 to 2017.

In this position, he was the UK’s most senior negotiator with other Member States and the European institutions.

The full text of his lectures are available on the Policy Scotland website.

The real post-Brexit options

In May this year he spoke on ‘The real post-Brexit options’ at the University of Glasgow at which time he warned that “…we are now at a point where reality starts to bite on all sides. And it’s time soon to decide what are feasible outlines of solutions even if it then takes years, as it will, to fill in all the substance.”

See the full text of the lecture on ‘The real post-Brexit options’

The History and Origins of Brexit

This very popular lecture was given by Sir Ivan on ‘The History and Origins of Brexit’. He covered the deep origins of Brexit, and explained why, in his view, the Brexit crisis was “both a revolutionary moment and the product of a revolutionary movement” that had been “a long time in gestation”. He made a close connection between  the referendum result and the UK’s transactional approach to its membership of the European Union.

See the full text on the lecture on ‘The History and Origins of Brexit’

Since then Sir Ivan has continued to share his expertise and knowledge on Brexit, and his latest lectures are also available online:

Policy Scotland’s Brexit lecture series

Sir Ivan Roger’s lectures for Policy Scotland at the University of Glasgow were part of a series of Brexit talks which has featured other prominent and expert speakers including:

The full text of Professor Muscatelli’s most recent speech is also online, from when he spoke at Scottish Government Brexit Summit for Further and Higher Education in November 2018.

Upcoming event

Brexit in Historical Context: Sovereignty vs European Union

Professor Beatrice Heuser, Professor of International Relations (Politics) in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Glasgow will contextualise Brexit and the creation of the European Union historically in her inaugural lecture on Monday 21 January 2019.

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