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View of city of Glasgow with modern flats, traditional tenement flats, and the University of Glasgow in the background with hills in the distance

COVID-19 microbriefings

This series of COVID-19 micro briefings are produced by the Glasgow Centre for Population Health and Policy Scotland and written in collaboration with expert partner agencies. They are intended to support a range of partners and decision-makers by providing concise, accessible overviews of current evidence about how the pandemic has shaped life, health and wellbeing…

Side view of a little girl lifting a spoonful of soup to her mouth. Behind her is a boy also eating soup from a bowl

Migrant families during the COVID-19 pandemic

Children’s Neighbourhoods Scotland has published two documents on the experiences of migrant families during the COVID-19 pandemic: a report focused on insights from frontline workers in Glasgow and a review of the literature on pre-existing vulnerabilities and inequalities.