Face of a boy lying on his front and gazing out of a window

CNS: Early insights into the COVID-19 response – 24 April 2020

Children’s Neighbourhoods Scotland, Policy Scotland and the Network for Social and Educational Equity, are undertaking research to understand local responses to COVID-19 in contexts of high poverty across Scotland.

Housing and Infrastructure

The COVID crisis created urgent needs for fast policy insights, such as rethinking care for the homeless, the prevention of evictions and rent gouging and minimising the effects of reduced incomes on maintaining mortgage payments and home-ownership. In the recovery phase, issues will include making better economic cases for housing investment programmes and coping with supply constraints…

An empty primary school playground with murals on the walls and windows at the back, including a rainbow, the words ' A smile can travel 2m' and '26 March, 8pm. Open your windows and thank the NHS.'

Education, Children and Families

COVID-19 had an unprecedented impact on society. This impact was particularly stark for children, families and frontline workers, particularly those living and working in areas of significant disadvantage. As a response to the urgent needs of children and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic, public services and organisations had to adapt rapidly; putting new arrangements…