Dialogue 1. Implementing Green Futures

Dialogue 1. Implementing Green Futures – Increasing urban green space and implementing nature-based solutions Date held: Friday 13 November Facilitators Professor Neil Metcalfe, Institute of Biodiversity Animal Health & Comparative Medicine, University of Glasgow. Gillian Dick, Spatial Planning Manager, Development & Regeneration Services, Glasgow City Council. Themes A. Promoting biodiversity Promoting biodiversity through strategic use of natural assets.…

Aerial view of Glasgow looking over the North and West of the city with tenements and tower blocks with hills visible in the distance. Glasgow University is in the foreground to tehe left

Green Recovery Dialogues

From COVID-19 to COP26: Forging a just and sustainable future  Glasgow City Council and the University of Glasgow’s Centre for Sustainable Solutions, together with Policy Scotland, are partnering on a series of three Green Recovery Dialogues intended to progress a just and sustainable recovery from COVID-19.  The Dialogues, which took place in November/December 2020, will enable better-informed partnership working for achieving the City’s and the University’s ambitious Carbon Neutrality (Net Zero) targets of 2030. …

Turbines of a windfarm against a blue sky on gentle green hill behind a small town seen across the waters of a loch or river

The community economy in Scotland and participatory research for building back better and fairer?

Why we need a developing participatory research agenda for the community economy and societal resilience given ongoing and emerging social and ecological crises – inequalities, climate change, democratic deficits and pandemic(s).