The film industry and Scottish independence

By Professor Phillip Schlesinger, Professor of Cultural Policy, The University of Glasgow. Last November, the Scottish Government published Scotland’s Future – its White Paper on independence. Although considerable attention has been devoted to broadcasting, very little indeed has been given to film. It is very timely, therefore, that the first ever conference convened to discuss independence and the future of…

Future of the Scottish press

By Professor Philip Schlesinger and Dr Alex Benchimol In the run-up to the independence referendum on 18 September, Scotland’s newspaper press is facing a double challenge. First, can print journalism adapt to the digital revolution, given a continuing decline in newspaper sales? Second, can the press perform its civic role in contributing to an increasingly…

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Immigration and trust in UK politics

By Professor Lauren McLaren (Politics) Since the end of World War Two, the UK has grappled with the potentially conflicting aims of using cheap immigrant labour and maintaining social cohesion. Recent decades have witnessed persistent public concern about immigration, despite government attempts to assuage public opinion by trying to restrict new immigration and introducing citizenship…

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Part 2: Broadcasting, Communications and Scottish Independence

In this two part series, University of Glasgow Professor and Visiting Professor at LSE Philip Schlesinger, comments on the white paper on independence put forth by the Scottish Government. In this second post he examines the proposals for a new Scottish public broadcaster and regulatory arrangements, arguing that it is actually incremental change that is in question.