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Changing the Housing Story – report published

The summary report from the Shaping Futures project is now published, following a launch in Australia. The report contains ten principles for housing policy and tax reform intended to provide a coherent framework for reforming housing policies.

Covers of the full and summary reports for Strengthening Economic Cases for Housing Policies

Strengthening economic cases for housing: the productivity gains from better housing outcomes

Professor Duncan Maclennan, Policy Scotland associate, has modelled how housing outcomes impact economic growth and productivity, making the case for housing construction to be classed as infrastructure investment, akin to investment in transport links, water and communications. 

Shaping Futures: Housing Policies for the 21st Century

The talks from Shaping Futures: Housing Policies for the 21st Century seminar on 8 December 2015 with Duncan MacLennan and Michael Lennon are now available to view online. You can watch the lectures below and download the presentations. Shaping Future Housing Policy: A New Political Economy By Duncan MacLennan, University of Glasgow Download the presentation:…