Changing Education Systems: out now

A collaborative book by two Policy Scotland staff about the role of research in education has now been published.

Cover of a book with the title Changing Education Systems: A Research-based Approach.

Changing Education SystemsA Research-based Approach was written by:

  • Professor Mel Ainscow, universities of Manchester and Glasgow, who has recently joined Policy Scotland as an associate professor
  • Professor Christopher Chapman, Director of Policy Scotland at the University of Glasgow
  • and Professor Mark Hadfield of Cardiff University.

The book draws on the authors’ extensive experiences as researchers, policy advisors and influencers, and offers key insights on how to promote equity within education systems.

Exploring three large-scale national reform programmes, the book:

  • presents a series of propositions that are the basis of a research-based approach to system change
  • explains the creation of relationships in which academic researchers collaborate in the process of development
  • considers smaller place-based projects that are set within policy contexts dominated by the idea of market forces as a strategy for improvement
  • explores the steps needed to overcome locally specific barriers

The book is intended to be useful for policymakers and practitioners involved in educational reforms, as well as to researchers wishing to contribute to and learn from such developments.

Published by Routledge, Changing Education Systems: a Research-based Approach is out now as an e-book, paperback and hardback.

Changing Education Systems: a Research-based Approach