Commonwealth Cities Legacy Network Workshop

On Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th September , Policy Scotland, hosted a Commonwealth Cities Legacy Network Preparatory Workshop. The idea of the network workshop was developed and led by Kenneth Gibb (Director, Policy Scotland) and Josef Konvtiz (Honorary Professor Education).

The venture seeks to build a global legacy network for the cities and their Universites undertaking Commonwealth Games. The aim of this workshop was to scope out both the objectives and working model of the network and the objectives of the inaugural legacy network conference in October 2014, 2 months after Glasgow hosts the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

The meeting was attended by more than 30 delegates over the two days. Councilor Archie Graham (Depute Leader, Glasgow City Council) welcomed participants on the first day and  Professor Anne Anderson (Vice Principal and Head of the College of Social Sciences) addressed them on the second day.

The event involved four working sessions, two on each day, a conference networking dinner and a bus tour of 2014 venues (the Emirates building/velodrome, the Tollcross international swimming centre and the athletes’ village). The sessions focused on the meaning of legacy and the principles that might inform a network for sharing legacy experience and lessons globally, the ongoing and proposed research associated with legacy and games impact, a discussion of event strategy for best establishing the network through inaugural events, and, the seeking of agreement for next actions and plans for taking the ideas agreed forward .

To view further information please click on the links below:

Background Paper

Delegate names

Presentations for website

Presentations 2

Briefing Note


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