An Interview with Dr Allan Gillies: Biodiversity Protection is Interwoven with Socio-Environmental Justice

An Interview with Dr Allan Gillies on how environmentalism and social justice are interwoven with each other.

An Interview with Dr Mohammad Aminur Rahman Shah – Greenhouse Gas Reduction at a Local Level

We speak to Dr Mohammad Aminur Rahman Shah on his work in local perceptions of greenhouse gas reduction

International Relations event week ‘Confronting climate change: toward COP26’

Hosted by Politics & International Relations, this series of recorded events offered fascinating insights into current challenges in global climate policy.  

Three ways blockchain could get the world to act against the climate crisis

By facilitating a novel decentralized climate organization, blockchain technology holds promise to foster global cooperation to tackle climate change.

A 10-year plan to save the world’s soil

Recent science may take us a long way to an anser on how best to achieve global progress on improving soil.

Predictions for COP26 from Head of Oxfam Scotland

Predictions from Jamie Livingstone, Head of Oxfam Scotland, for the COP-26 conference in November.

The COP26 Challenge: Present your research and win up to £500!

​[X]ceptional: The COP26 Challenge is a new initiative for students in the College of Social Sciences to present their own, original research that engages with any element of climate change.

Children’s Voices for Climate Change: A research-practice collaboration between Scotland and Chile

Schools in Scotland and Chile are in a unique collaboration, using the approach developed by CNS to amplify children’s voices in the climate change discussion.

The Business of Sustainability Webinar Series – Scotch Whisky Association

Recording of an event at which Morag Garden, Head of Sustainability at the Scotch Whisky Association, outlined the key sustainability challenges and opportunities facing this important Scottish industry.