Creating an effective learning system – East Renfrewshire headteacher conference

Policy Scotland Director Professor Chris Chapman gave a presentation at the East Renfrewshire Council headteacher conference in March 2019 on creating an effective learning system.

He spoke about using collaboration to support a self-improving learning system and reviewed how changing paradigms of leadership could support a learning system, within schools, between schools and beyond schools.

Professor Chapman talked about how public sector leadership practices are developing from traditional approaches where leadership aligns to organisational structure and hierarchy to approaches that reach across organisational boundaries and where skills like building and maintaining trust, cultivating relationships, and facilitating collaboration are key.

And he looked at the emergence of public service ‘reticulists’ who influence the capacity and practice of collaboration by being:

  1. Skilled communicators
  2. Excellent networkers
  3. Strategic in orientation
  4. Contextually astute
  5. Problem-solvers
  6. Self-managing

Creating An Effective Learning System – Presentation by Professor Chris Chapman (PDF)

There’s more about leadership in the policy briefing written by Professor Chapman, and available on the What Works Scotland website: Public service leadership: Rethinking leadership for collaborative settings