EVENT : Refugees Are Welcome Here! – Solidarity From Scotland to Greece and to Refugees Everywhere

When: Tuesday 29th September

Time: 19:00-21:00

Where: Sir Charles Wilson Building, University of Glasgow

Public meeting called by
Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees
Glasgow Refugee Asylum and Migration Network (GRAMNet)
Scottish Refugee Council
Positive Action in Housing
Scottish Trades Union Congress
Afghan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy
Scottish Catholic Justice and Peace Commission

A dam has burst. Tidal waves of frustration, shame and downright anger have been released by a series of horrors crystallised by the deeply touching photograph of a drowned child. Everywhere individuals and organisations are taking the action themselves that our government should be taking: collecting money and goods and transporting them themselves to Calais, volunteering to house refugees in their own homes, collecting money to take to Lesvos, applauding refugees crossing their borders, nationally and internationally, standing with candles in respect for refugees everywhere.

By these actions, millions across the world show the possibilities for a better, kinder, more equal, more compassionate world. Hear eyewitness reports of what is happening in Athens and Lesvos; what others are doing; and most importantly what you can do to defend refugees.

This event is FREE to attend but registration is ESSENTIAL. For more information and to register – please click HERE