Policy Scotland is pleased to be working alongside the Glasgow Human Rights Network, working together to disseminate research and facilitate discussions.

The Glasgow Human Rights Network is a network of scholars and practitioners throughout Scotland who study and work to protect human rights in Scotland and beyond. The network facilitates research, teaching and knowledge exchange on human rights.

Our aims

  • To be an internationally recognised network for human rights
  • To facilitate interdisciplinary research collaboration
  • To support interdisciplinary teaching in human rights, particularly at postgraduate level
  • To support knowledge exchange between practitioners and researchers
  • To provide a public forum for lectures, debates, and other activities


A workshop was held on 18 January 2011 which established significant interest in the creation of a Glasgow Human Rights Network. Interested parties come from the University of Glasgow, seven universities across Scotland, as well as civil society and national/local government. The network is thus well-placed at this initial stage to facilitate links between academics within and beyond Glasgow as well as to facilitate knowledge exchange between academics and practitioners.

The network will help to marshal the wide expertise in human rights at the University and elsewhere. In particular, the network will contribute to University priorities in global security and health and well-being, and to the College of Social Sciences’ themes on security, justice, rights, and conflict, and inequalities, inclusion, identities and social change.

We plan to officially lauch the network with a public event in September 2011. In the interim, the network will begin to take shape with the establishment of research clusters based around key priority themes and areas of research and activism within the network. The clusters will provide a place for those with similar interests to share research and information, and plan various endeavours, such as research grants, teaching initiatives and activities.


An analysis of the interests of our members indicates five multidisciplinary clusters of researchers and practitioners on which to base the substantive work of the network. These clusters are:

  • Equality and Diversity
  • Security, Conflict, and Protection
  • Promoting Awareness and Respect for Human Rights
  • Theoretical and Philosophical Approaches to Human Rights
  • Postgraduate Network

Further information on these clusters can be found here.

Strategic Partners

The network will work with various strategic partners to implement projects, gain resources and recruit members. If your organisation would be interested in becoming a GHRN partner, please email your details to GHRNadmin@glasgow.ac.uk

GHRN partnership restrictions

The  initial focus of the Glasgow Human Rights Network (GHRN) is to forge links with Knowledge Exchange partners, members of the public and other institutions in Scotland only.  This is to ensure we have a core group in Scotland first, before we branch out our membership to the rest of the UK/world.  If your organisation is outside Scotland, we are happy to hold details on file and contact your organisation at a later date when membership is extended.