Dialogue 2. Raising Ambition on Net Zero – Providing low carbon energy and housing solutions

Roofs, chimneys and top stories of a row of nineteenth century red sandstone tenements in Glasgow seen through the branches of trees with green leaves
  • Date held: Thursday 19 November



A. Transforming existing buildings into more energy-efficient homes and spaces

Decarbonising heat is one of the principal tasks facing Glasgow on the road to meeting its 2030 target year for carbon neutrality. The built environment – both homes and non-domestic premises – is therefore a key area for innovation in technology and in how partners work together. This theme will look at how the city is aiming to transform existing buildings into more energy-efficient homes, including how it is addressing particular challenges around the city’s older, tenemental housing stock. 

B. Using digital technology to inform energy management decisions and communication

Smart cities technologies and the better use of data analytics have come to characterise urban approaches to the sustainability agenda across the world, as policymakers, researchers and practitioners explore their potential to support long-standing social objectives. This theme will highlight the role of digital technology in informing energy management decisions and communication. It will draw on the extensive work which has been undertaken in Glasgow to map the sub-surface of the city and reveal its potential for capturing energy, as well as at local work aiming to link data, renewable energy and affordable warmth for local residents. 

C. Harnessing the geothermal energy under the city to deliver green energy and job solutions

One of the city’s under-used assets, representing a legacy from its industrial past, is trapped water from mine workings, which can be utilised as a source of renewable heat. This theme will look at work to harness these assets and deliver multiple benefits around green energy, local regeneration and support for a just transition to new job opportunities. 


Professor Gioia Falcone, University of Glasgow

Additional contributors:

Barry Morton, Director of Facilities Services, and Gillian Brown, Energy Manager, Estates Development, University of Glasgow

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