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The Regional Inclusive Growth Research Network (RIGRN) brought together researchers to help progress, shape and address an inclusive growth research agenda in Scotland.

It aimed to make a distinct contribution to shaping the agenda across Scotland, with a view to supporting and informing the evolving public policy landscape surrounding inclusive growth, progressing independent research and analysis with a view to informing practice.

The Regional Inclusive Growth Research Network (RIGRN) was set up by Policy Scotland in collaboration with the Scottish Centre for Regional Inclusive Growth (SCRIG), a collaboration between government, industry and academia hosted by the Scottish Government.

Key objectives of the RIGRN include:

  • supporting the establishment of a coherent inclusive growth research community within Scotland
  • supporting the process to assess and develop the evidence base on inclusive growth
  • steering the coordination, collection and review of existing inclusive growth evidence
  • identifying research gaps and weaknesses in existing inclusive growth evidence base
  • supporting an academic network of online debate and distribution of knowledge, research and discussion of inclusive growth.

Network meetings

Policy Scotland organised three Network meetings during 2019.

Each network meeting focused discussion around one distinct inclusive growth policy-related research theme:

  • Meeting 1 –  Inclusive Growth Policy: Understanding the research domains, priorities, and challenges
  • Meeting 2 – Defining Inclusive Growth Policy: Delivery and measurement of inclusive growth policy
  • Meeting 3 – Evaluation and Impact of Inclusive Growth Policy Outcomes

These themed meetings opened with a short presentation by an invited speaker to set the context and focus for discussion. This was followed by a facilitated round table discussion of the main topic area to help identify research gaps, opportunities and solutions.

The aim was to encourage a highly participatory discussion, to enable learning from each other and to support an environment of creativity and honesty under the Chatham House Rule.

The outcomes

The intended outcomes for the RIGRN in 2019 were to:

  • coordinate and support the development of longer-term academic research in line with the strategic priorities of SCRIG
  • facilitate a collaborative process of research exchange and discussion, supporting the creation of new research and identification of funding opportunities
  • produce an end-of-year report summarising key outputs and conclusions from the themed discussions from the network meetings.

Joining the RIGRN

If you are researching inclusive growth and are interested in being part of the Regional Inclusive Growth Research Network, please contact Policy Scotland.