Policy Scotland offers several paid internships each year to students at the University of Glasgow.

Each internship offers the chance to work with senior academics who are closely linked with policy processes, with active researchers within Policy Scotland and across the University, and with high level policymakers. The experience provides insights into how policy processes work at different levels of government and through the legislative process.

Interns are given responsibility for defined areas of work, contributing to research within each of our strategic themes, and supporting our knowledge exchange and academic engagement activity. The roles are an opportunity make significant contributions to the work of Policy Scotland.

The internships are suitable for Masters and PhD students in relevant disciplines such as social and political science and economics. Although specific requirements change each year, the following areas of expertise are valued:


  • Applied economics or related fields such as economic geography
  • Tackling inequalities, and social policy interventions
  • Public policy and the policymaking process
  • Knowledge exchange, networking and engagement with policy practitioners
  • Communications and digital media

Each internship is for maximum of 10 hours a week for a period of sixteen weeks. They are advertised in the University of Glasgow Internship Hub, usually at the start of the year.


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