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Blog: Kicking the bucket down the road to Norway — EEA is back

Many months after it was ruled out by the government, membership of the European Economic Area (the ‘Norway option’) is being mooted once again. Jim Gallagher writes that over time continued economic but not political union may become broadly acceptable to British public opinion.

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News: £2 million for Children’s Neighbourhoods Scotland

Policy Scotland is delighted that Children’s Neighbourhoods Scotland features strongly in the Scottish Government’s Child Poverty Delivery Plan.

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Blog: Housing – New Realpolitik Needs a New Real Economics

The pressured housing markets of Sydney and Melbourne pose major challenges, creating well-recognised problems for aspiring homebuyers and lower-income populations but also lesser-noticed impacts on urban productivity.

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Publication: Making Better Economic Cases for Housing Policies

A new report examines the relationship between pressured housing markets in Sydney and economic growth.

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Blog: Child poverty pledges require bold action to redirect resources

Stephen Sinclair argues that to meet its own ambitious child poverty goals, the Scottish Government must focus public services where they are most needed, and ensure employers play their part.

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Blog: Reflecting on the Child Poverty Strategy 2014-2017

Evan Williams argues that the success of the Child Poverty (Scotland) Bill will rely on policy initiatives that explicitly target welfare and housing provision.

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Publication: Reports for the Poverty and Inequality Commission

Following the passage of the historic Child Poverty (Scotland) Act in November which imposes a requirement on local authorities to tackle poverty, Policy Scotland has provided several reports to support the work of the Poverty and Inequality Commission. The Commission has been tasked with providing independent advice to Scottish Ministers on poverty and inequality, monitoring […]

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Scotland’s Place in Europe: People, Jobs and Investment – A Timely Analysis

Nine months have passed since the UK government triggered article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty which formally started the march towards Brexit. As we are about to embark on phase 2 of the negotiations, including crucially the nature of the future UK-EU relationship, there are many reasons to be concerned. Inexorably and depressingly, the prospect […]

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Community Benefits, Infrastructures and Major Capital Investments Roundtable

The Crichton Institute, a Research Institution in Glasgow University, hosted a roundtable on Community Benefits, Infrastructures and Major Capital Investments. Hosted by Professor Carol Hill, Head of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, Director of Campus and of the Crichton Institute, the roundtable was organised by Dr Cristina Orsatti, Associate Researcher in Regeneration, facilitated by Professor […]

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