The film industry and Scottish independence

By Professor Phillip Schlesinger, Professor of Cultural Policy, The University of Glasgow. Last November, the Scottish Government published Scotland’s Future – its White Paper on independence. Although considerable attention has been devoted to broadcasting, very little indeed has been given to film. It is very timely, therefore, that the first ever conference convened to discuss independence and the future of…

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Film and the struggle for LGBT rights

Ahead of the series of events about LGBT lives in Russia and Lithuania, Marc David Jacobs of Edinburgh Film Guild New Cinema, discusses the way in which Russian and Lithuanian filmmakers have explored the experiences and challenges LGBT communities in Russia and Lithuania.  This month, in Edinburgh and Glasgow, there is to be a series entitled LGBT…

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Learning Cities 2020

Why learning is central to city futures: Bringing worldwide perspectives to local possibilities A policy briefing from PASCAL International Observatory by John Tibbitt, Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow Cities in the world economy Over half of the world’s population now live in cities, and cities account for by the largest share of…

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