A bird's eye view of a stage with a podium and someone standing in front of the podium. On the stage is written 'Conservatives'.
As we transition into a post-Brexit Britain, Ruth Davidson MSP, Leader of the Scottish Conservatives, is going to outline her thoughts on "Building a stronger future for Britain". This speech is part of the Policy Scotland lecture series at the University of Glasgow.

Event: Ruth Davidson public lecture 29 May 2018

A road bends sharply off to the right, with trees on either side. A sign in the foreground reads "NORGE".
Many months after it was ruled out by the government, membership of the European Economic Area (the ‘Norway option’) is being mooted once again. Jim Gallagher writes that over time continued economic but not political union may become broadly acceptable to British public opinion.

Blog: Kicking the bucket down the road to Norway — ...