Figure 2: Shows a very complex network of interconnected concepts - or mechanisms - in boxes and coloured lines joining them together many times and in multiple pathways linking mechanisms to each other. The identified mechanisms are: Action, Competenc, Efficacy, Engagement, Knowledge, Understanding, Information, Observation, Experience, Empowerment, Involvement and Altruism, which RPs and ERs can influence, and their connections to the other set of concepts, which are the community's reactions: social capital, uncertainty, acceptance, trust, helplessness, frustration, resentment, anger, attitude. (Mechanisms are represented by boxes with coloured outlines and reactions are represented by boxes with black outlines). Taken from page 8, Baxter, H. 2020, When Does Response End and Recovery Begin? Exploring preparation and planning to support community’s resilient recovery. Project Report. National Centre for Resilience (NCR).