Catch up with the discussions at the Scottish Housing Policy Conference 2019, where the theme was  ‘Housing and Inclusive Growth: Revitalising Connections’.

The conference, co-hosted by by the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE) and Policy Scotland on 24 April 2019, brought delegates together in Edinburgh for a day of presentations, workshops and  discussions.

The Conference addressed two key themes that shape the inclusiveness of Scottish housing outcomes:

  • At the broader housing policy level, considering whether the broad structure of tax and other supports for housing has essentially exacerbated inequalities in income and wealth, and particularly driven wealth inequalities, and what directions policy might take to make outcomes fairer and inclusive.
  • The best ways in which to deliver affordable housing outcomes so that they enhance inclusion within and across communities and align bottom-up community energies with top-down support for economic change.

Speakers and participants

In this video, the keynote speaker, Professor Duncan MacLennan, summarises his talk, focusing on three questions:

  1. What is the relationship between growth, inequality and housing?
  2. What are the main knowledge/evidence gaps in relation to housing and inclusive growth in Scotland?
  3. If you were speaking to the Scottish Government, what would you say should be the main policy priorities to deliver inclusive growth through housing?

Here CaCHE Director, Professor Ken Gibb, summarises his presentation on inclusive growth and housing in Scotland, in which he spoke about policy systems and forward agendas.

In this video, Des McNulty, Deputy Director of Policy Scotland, summarises his presentation in which he spoke about developing a collaborative approach to delivering inclusive growth through housing.

In this interview Richard Cairns, Glasgow City Region Deal and Strategic Director, Regeneration,  talks about what drives inclusive growth at a regional level; the role of housing in unlocking inclusive growth; and the opportunities and challenges facing the Glasgow City Region.

The other speakers included:

The panel on How Can Housing Providers Enhance Inclusion in Communities? featured:

Stephen Boyle, Head of the Analytical Unit, Scottish Government, led a workshop on Markets and Wealth: Reinforcing Exclusion?


You can see tweets from the conference at #SHPC2019

Image credit: Blocks of flats in Edinburgh. Cowrin. Published on Flickr | CC BY-NC 2.0