Senior German MEP David McAllister to give Brexit lecture

In the latest in Policy Scotland’s series of lectures on Brexit, the University of Glasgow is delighted to be hosting senior Scots-German MEP David McAllister to give an address, “Brexit: Where does the UK and Europe go from here?”

Mr McAllister has previously served as Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, and is currently Vice President of the European People’s Party and Chair of the European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee. The MEP is a high-profile ally of Chancellor Merkel and has been described by Politico as Ms Merkel’s “eyes and ears in the European Parliament” and by fellow German MEP Daniel Caspary as “the person of course in charge of our British-German relationship”.

Indeed, Mr McAllister was described in the Financial Times as “being talked of as a potential successor to Merkel” and as her “crown prince” in the Guardian. He is the first dual German-British citizen to hold a prominent public office – the son of a solider from Govanhill who served in West Berlin during the Cold War.

This lecture will be a timely and fascinating insight into how the Brexit process is being viewed in Brussels and Berlin as the UK moves closer to the EU exit door, and tickets are available here: