Series: Policy Scotland Podcast

This episode of the Policy Scotland Podcast features Breannon Babbel, Urban Studies researcher at the University of Glasgow. This is an extended version of last week’s Friday Video which you can […]

Breannon Babbel – Health Inequality

In this podcast, Sarah Hamlin and Amy Watson discuss some of the ideas about gender and ‘women’s issues’ present in the manifestos of the Conservative Party, Green Party, Labour Party, […]

Gender and the 2015 General Election

In this podcast which corresponds to the first of our Friday Video series, we talk to Urban Studies postgraduate researcher, Kainde Manji, about her work on welfare reforms and people […]

Kainde Manji – Disabilities and welfare reform

Introduced by Principal Anton Muscatelli, head of the Glasgow City Council, Gordon Matheson, delivers a speech for Policy Scotland on the new  Glasgow and Clyde Valley City Deal – the largest […]

Councillor Gordon Matheson Podcast