URBAN LAND REFORM IN SCOTLAND – updated 03/11 – new Briefing Paper: response to Scottish Government Report to Sounding Board In May 2014, the Land Reform Review Group submitted its […]

Urban Land Reform

Yesterday the final report from the Commission on Housing and Wellbeing that Shelter Scotland set up back in 2013 was launched. Chaired by the former Auditor General, Robert Black the […]

Commission on Housing and Wellbeing

By Prof. Ken Gibb, Policy Scotland, University of Glasgow I read Will Self’s thought-provoking piece on housing in the FT at the weekend (A rentier nation’s fading dreams of home). […]

The return of the rentier?

By Prof. Ken Gibb,  Policy Scotland, University of Glasgow A recurring theme in housing supply debates around the UK in recent times has been the need to shift the preponderance […]

Helping the SME builder through Help to Buy