The [X]ceptional: COP26 Challenge enabled students in the College of Social Sciences to engage in COP26, the global climate change conference held in Glasgow in November 2021.

The challenge was an opportunity for students to present their own, original research that engaged with any element of climate change.

These are the winners of the [X]ceptional: COP26 Challenge. In these articles they reflect on the process and motivation to enter the Challenge and/or present their winning entries.

Buildings with yellow plaster walls in the old town of Ouarzazate, a city in south-central Morocco, with palm trees and sand around the buildings.

[X]ceptional: The COP26 Challenge: Net-zero journey in Morocco

Rami Zaatari‘s successful entry in [X]ceptional, an opportunity for students in College of Social Sciences to present their own original research on any element of climate change. In this single poster Rami clearly and concisely summarises the background, context, objectives and policy gap in Morocco’s journey towards net-zero targets. This work concludes with a number of…