Adelaide (Addie) was a social policy intern for Policy Scotland in spring and summer 2020.

She was also a student in the MSc Sociology program at the University of Glasgow. Her areas of work at Policy Scotland included:


  • Evaluating equalities and inequalities in Scotland’s education policies
  • Assisting in the conduction and interpretation of qualitative and collaborative action research
  • Assisting in the interpretation of quantitative research
  • Supporting Policy Scotland’s knowledge exchange events for academics and the third sector
  • Supporting other events hosted by Policy Scotland



Addie’s background is in sociology and psychology. She has worked as a research assistant in sociology, a mentor in sociology, and as a social justice mentor. She received her BA in Sociology (cum laude) from Pacific University in Oregon, USA.

Her research interests are manifold but are broadly defined under micro sociology, encompassing the topics of social (in)justice, (in)equalities, identity, and social change. In the past, she has assisted in sociological research on race and parenting under Dr. Daniel Eisen, and in her own research has examined the negotiation of marginalized and oppressed (a)sexual identities. Her work focuses on the relationship between the self and society, and the impact of institutions on individuals.

Addie is passionate about bringing sociology to publics in an effort to foster social change and social justice. She infuses social theories of stratification, structure, and power into her evaluation of education policies and the policy process in her work at Policy Scotland.


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