Head and shoulders photo of Clara Pirie

Clara was a policy intern with Policy Scotland in spring and summer 2020.

Her areas of work included:


  • Evaluating the social and economic benefits of the Glasgow Riverside Innovation District
  • Contributing to Children’s Neighbourhoods Scotland research into the impacts of COVID-19 on children and families
  • Contributing to and supporting Policy Scotland knowledge exchange events
  • Supporting the Scottish Regional Inclusive Growth Network
  • Providing blog and website support and assisting with international webinars



Clara is currently undertaking an MSc in Education, Public Policy & Equity at the University of Glasgow and has a background in languages and literature from the University of Edinburgh. In her current studies she focuses on access to education from a social justice and capabilities perspective, and Clara is passionate about increasing access to further and higher education and tackling inequalities with regards to socioeconomic status and migration.

She also works as a Widening Participation Tutor for the University of Glasgow, where she tutors secondary school pupils in the west coast of Scotland to raise awareness of further and higher education options and to equip them with academic skills.

Clara has previous experience with the University of Edinburgh, Changeworks, Lothians Equal Access Programmes for Schools and Refugee Survival Trust. She holds an MA (Hons) in French & English Literature from the University of Edinburgh.


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