Jinqiao is an intern for Policy Scotland in spring and summer 2021.

Her areas of work at Policy Scotland include:


  • Supporting the work of Professor Duncan MacLennan in involving colleagues in Urban Studies, the Adam Smith Business School and other groups in a webinar/seminar series on City Economic Change that will culminate in an international exchange with the University of Nankai through the Joint Graduate School.
  • Re-establishing the More Different Futures international housing policy network run by Policy Scotland.
  • Evaluating the relationship between housing and economy (wealth, instability, and productivity).
  • Supporting other events hosted by Policy Scotland.



She is currently a postgraduate research student in Urban Studies at the University of Glasgow. She received her MS in Regional Economics from the Nankai University in Tianjin, China.

Her PhD research examines the relationship between housing and wealth accumulation and discusses the factors that would produce housing wealth inequality and wealth inequality in China. She is also interested in exploring housing price dynamics and housing policies in advanced economies and developing economies.

In the past, she has assisted a few projects related to housing and the economy with researchers from other organisations in Australia. As part of her internship at Policy Scotland she will continue similar work in the Scottish context through More Different Futures Network: Housing.


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