Rebecca is currently completing an MRes in Public Policy Research within the Urban Studies department of the University of Glasgow. She is a recent graduate of the University of St Andrews where she gained a Master of Arts (MA) in Modern History and International Relations.

Her background involves working alongside marginalised groups and communities, including working with NGOs Help Refugees and InterVolve delivering aid and supporting refugee and migrant community development programmes in both France and Greece. Rebecca has since worked in broader community support roles for non-profit organisations in Scotland and has held positions in employability support and community foodbank delivery services.

Rebecca’s research interests are multifarious, though tend to focus on inequalities in communities, social justice, environmental justice and human rights. Her research at present applies theories of community resilience to the COVID-19 pandemic, looking at how both individuals and communities have experienced and processed the event, and the implications this might have for the climate crisis and future climate policy.

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