Rory studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics BA at the University of Exeter, where he gained an interest in policymaking, particularly with regard to innovative ‘heterodox’ ideas aimed at tackling the so-called ‘eight giants’: Inequality, Insecurity, Debt, Stress, Precarity, Automation and Climate Change). In this spirit, his final year dissertation considered the ethical case for a ‘universal basic income’ policy. 

As a current MSc student of Economics, Banking and Finance at the University of Glasgow, he has focused his attention on the particular ‘giant’ of climate change, but within the broader context of global political economy. His research investigates how Middle East and North African countries can shift away from fossil fuels towards solar energy. This research was motivated by experience in Chalkida refugee camp volunteering with individuals displaced by conflict in this region. 

Placement as an intern with Policy Scotland enables Rory to be involved in these dual strands of interest: both the domestic issues covered on which Policy Scotland focus (inequality, housing, regional growth), and also in preparatory work for the international COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow this November.