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The University of Glasgow’s Third Sector Knowledge Exchange Collaborative – The Collaborative – focused on improving the sustainability of Glasgow’s third sector, pivotal to community resilience, as organisations adapt, recover and transform from COVID-19.

Working with the Glasgow Council for Voluntary Sector, The Collaborative aimed to become a sustainable cross-discipline hub for pro-bono advice and expertise for Glasgow’s third sector organisations (TSOs), helping them access academic expertise on a variety of pressing issues in all phases of their lifecycle.

The Collaborative was organised by Dr Paula Karlsson-Brown, Adam Smith Business School, and Dr Sarah Weakley, Policy Scotland, with research assistance provided by Dr Jane Cullingworth.

The pilot phase of The Collaborative has now concluded. The materials created during its development are available here alongside articles marking key stages of the project and reflections on its achievements.

The model

How The Collaborative approached building a network of academics and third sector partners.

Information for TSOs

The advantages for third sector organisations to accessing and using research capacity.

Information for academics

The advantages to academic staff and students of working with real-life clients.

Blogs and publications

Third sector resilience is at the heart of community resilience: Making use of risk management

Elderly woman with a medical mask walking past COVID posters on a boarded up shop in Glasgow wearing. The posters say 'Jist Gogh Hame' (with a modernised portrait of Van Gogh), 'Please Believe These Days Will Pass' and 'Be Kind, Let''s Look Out for One Another'.

Third sector resilience is at the heart of community resilience so this is the time for third sector organisations to implement risk management.

The Collaborative: our work in Phase 1 and building on our successes

Handmade sign saying 'Glasgow Endures 2021' fastened to railings on a walkway over the Charing Cross road junction in Glasgow

Key outcomes and participant feedback from the pilot phase of The Collaborative, and plans for the future.

GCVS and the Third Sector Knowledge Exchange Collaborative: a valuable response to our challenges

The hands of two people sitting opposite each other at a table each holding mugs of tea or coffee.

Ian Bruce from the Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector, outlines the value of collaboraton between third sector organisations and the University of Glasgow.

Piloting The Collaborative: Building the University of Glasgow’s relationship with the local third sector

Man holding his phone and having a discussion with a woman seen from the back who is drinking tea or coffee

Concluding evaluation to the pilot phase of The Collaborative, and lessons for future developments.

More information

See more about The Collaborative, including funding and evaluation.

If you are a University of Glasgow staff member and want to learn more about this project, please contact Paula Karlsson-Brown