The pilot phase of The Collaborative has now concluded. The materials available here are for information only.

Third sector organisations (TSOs) received free customised expertise and support to address bespoke issues. The aim was to support TSOs to adapt, recover and transform from COVID-19.

All of the work undertaken at The Collaborative was pro-bono and at no cost to the third sector organisation, and the expertise provided (including real solutions and recommendations) by the University of Glasgow aimed to be responsive to the needs of the organisation.

We used a broad definition of the third sector – charities, community organisations and social enterprises, including both formal organisations and informal groups (such as mutual aid groups).

The engagement was for as long as the organisation deemed it necessary or as long as mutually beneficial activities were found between the organisation and academics/students.The exact timelines were a matter of negotiation between the two parties. We suggested that developing an agreement about timelines be discussed in the beginning stages of the relationship.

This video illustrates how it was anticipated that the relationships established through The Collaborative could operate.