Welcome to the Glasgow Human Rights Network

Welcome to the Glasgow Human Rights Network (GHRN) blog. Through this blog we hope to facilitate our core aims of supporting research, teaching and knowledge exchange in human rights throughout Scotland and beyond. On this blog we will feature human rights-related research by network members, short essays on human rights related topics, reports and other activities from civil society organisations, developments in teaching, and any other relevant materials. If you wish to contribute to the blog, please send your ideas or finished pieces to ghrnadminmedia@glasgow.ac.uk. Also, as part of our social media outreach, we are expanding our twitter presence. If you have an announcement, have published a book or an article, or have other relevant information to pass on, please tweet to us @GlasgowHumRts (and don’t forget to follow us!). GHRN exists as a resource for everybody doing research, teaching, and other activities in human rights, so please let us know what you are up to – and how we can help!


Kurt Mills

Convenor, Glasgow Human Rights NetworkEleanorRooseveltHumanRights